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Radar of Small Dogs

by Stephen

  • Stephen 'Radar of Small Dogs' LP

    Stephen- ‘Radar of Small Dogs’ remastered vinyl repress, featuring updated/new art and liner notes, fold-out insert with prev. unseen photos and fliers. 
    VINYL ONLY- digital widely available on the world wide web.

    Sold Out


Stephen- ‘Radar of Small Dogs’
YELLOWELECTRIC/GR-020 x 1000 copies

Late 1980’s to early 90’s guitar pop/rock n roll band from Dunedin, New Zealand. 

Formed by David Kilgour after The Clean first split. They released an EP on Flying Nun records in 1988 as a three piece, later added another guitarist and recorded for a record that didn’t happen. Remastered, rescued and compiled for this release. New art and liner notes, insert with prev. unseen photos and fliers. Tracks from the Dumb EP, Radar of Small Dogs, as well as studio tracks from sessions towards the never-completed LP. 

Listen to 'Windy Day'; www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bcs8U__svbw


released October 1, 2021

Stephen featured David Kilgour, Alf Danielson, Geoff Hoani, and Stephen Kilroy. 




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